Our Core Service Offering

Core Consultants is a pioneer in providing commodity market analysis and consultancy services. Our clients include commodity end-users, producers, traders, hedge funds and banking institutions.


Core Consultants provides independent and proprietary advice to a broad range of clients. Our services include feasibility and prefeasibility studies, market evaluation and entry studies.


Core Consultants provides a number of industry studies focused on current market conditions as well as the potential outlook for these commodity markets.

Data and Forecasts

Coming Soon: Compilation of crucial statistics to enable our clients to quickly come to grips with a particular commodity sector. Our data is provided in charts for a comprehensive insight and the underlying data is downloadable for those users wishing to conduct more in depth analysis.

Core Africa

Core Africa is a business and risk consultancy offering focused on the Africa opportunity. The division is focused on assisting companies in defining their strategy and structure across Africa.

Core Consultants provides a number of focused commodity reports available on a subscription basis. Our reports offer Core Consultants’ independent forecasts as well as explores current market conditions and the potential drivers of change.

Some of our Clients

Latest News

Chrome steel balls

Chrome And Ferrochrome Output Increases Impacting Prices

On the 19th of March, we published our Chrome & Ferrochrome Monthly Report. We note that that the benchmark for the second quarter has been set 11c/lb lower, but this did not come as a surprise, nor should it be cause for alarm. From our perspective, the lower settlement was inevitable. Chrome ore stocks at Chinese… View Article


Point Of No Return For Manganese?

In the first week of March, we released our Manganese Monthly publication.  In the issue prior to this release, we proffered that manganese stocks couldn’t possibly climb any higher. We were wrong! Manganese stocks in the first week of March, climbed from a massive volume of 2.45m tonnes to even more ridiculous levels of 3.5m… View Article

China rare earth and military

USA Military Spend Causes Anxiety Over Rare Earth Supply

Core Consultants’ Rare Earth Report  this month focuses on President Trump’s announcement that he intends to increase the military spend by $54bn (+10%). In light of the fact that Molycorp- the US’s flagship rare earth mining producer is insolvent, this announcement to upgrade the military spend has left concern over how the US will procure the necessary… View Article

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