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Rare Earth Minerals in Jars
Has China given up its rare earth leverage over the US?

China considers cancelling countermeasures against latest US tariffs Core Consultants published their September Issue of the Rare Earth Monthly Report and a key aspect that stood out was that as a show of good faith, China’s Ministry of Commerce revealed that … Read More

Vanadium Complimentary

CORE CONSULTANTS’ VANADIUM DATA & FORCASTS Each report offers our clients ✔ Actionable Insights ✔ Accurate Data ✔ Expert Commentary ✔ Price Forecasts Vanadium pentoxide prices peaked in 2018 following new rebar standards in China designed to limit the use … Read More

London at Night
Cobalt Investor Evening

Core Consultants hosted a Cobalt Investor Evening in London on behalf of one of their clients who make use of Core Consultants’ Company Profiling Service… Read More

Report Campaign Shop Page

Thank you for you interest, please check your inbox for your free report MARKET OUTLOOK REPORTS: ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS Rare Earth Monthly $325 / Month BUY NOW Vanadium Data & Forecasts $275 / Month BUY NOW Chrome Supply Chain $310 / … Read More

July 2019 Free Report Campaign

CORE CONSULTANTS MARKET OUTLOOK REPORTS Each report offers our clients ✔ Actionable Insights ✔ Accurate Data ✔ Market Insights ✔ Price Forecasts For ten years, we have been analysing commodity markets on behalf of key stakeholders. Position your company to … Read More

forecasts of heavy rare earth oxides
Rare-earth prices expected to remain strong

The Sino-US trade war has persisted for longer than most anticipated, and although the US omitted rare earths from increased duties, China raised the tariff on imported rare earth ores and concentrates from 10 to 25%. This has negatively impacted … Read More

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