The Core Story

In January 2009, Lara Smith, bought a desk, a laptop and began to write a 185 page in-depth report on the outlook for the lithium market. The report was a part time exercise, undertaken as a personal challenge.
What happened then could not have been foretold. The report was published to wide acclaim.
Companies began calling to request more commodity market insights.
In June that year, Lara quit her job, registered Core Consultants and eight years on, Core has completed more than 60 market studies, across 5 continents and provided insights in over 30 commodity markets.

Publishes Lithium Market Outlook

1st June 2009

In June 2009, Lara Smith completed her first in-depth report “An Outlook for Lithium Markets For The Next Five Years to 2013”. The report was published by a third party publisher and became Core Consultants’ official first project.

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Publishes Coking Coal Report

10th September 2010

In September 2010, Lara Smith Completed her second in-depth report “An Outlook for Coking Coal to 2020.” This report was published by a third party publisher and showcased Core Consultants’ knowledge on the bulk commodity market.

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Mining Indaba Keynote Address

4th February 2011

Core Consultants was first asked to present at the African Mining Indaba as a Keynote Speaker. The topic was an outlook for Minor Metals and Ferroalloys. This presentation provided Core Consultants the forum to showcase its abilities as a new consultancy in Africa and Globally. Core Consultants continued to address…

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European Investment Bank Project Awarded

2nd May 2011

In May 2011, Core Consultants won its first major project- a pre-feasibility study awarded by the European Investment Bank. This project helped establish Core Consultants as a credible consultancy based in Africa and capable of delivering studies to an international standard.

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Cobalt Institute Conference

2nd May 2011

In May 2010, Core Consultants presented at the Cobalt Development Institute Conference in Hong Kong. The topic was on infrastructure in the DRC and the challenges resource companies face in moving material. It was at this conference that Core Consultants was first able to showcase its knowledge on the DRC…

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Quarterly Ferrochrome Network Evenings

30th June 2011

Core Consultants launched Quarterly Ferrochrome Network Evenings. Intitally this was hosted by Core Consultants as a free event to publicise the Ferrochrome Quarterly Report, but quickly gained traction and became a forum whereby industry participants would come together each quarter to hear high-level international presenters and to discuss the latest…

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Launches Ferrochrome Report

30th June 2011

Core Consultants publishes its First subscription report, “A Quarterly Review of the Chrome, Ferrochrome and Stainless Steel Markets.” The report was widely accepted and to this day, Core Consultants is credited with having one of the best market knowledge on the ferrochrome and chrome ore industry.

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Launches Rare Earth Monthly Report

30th September 2011

In September 2011, Core Consultants, in partnership with Metal Pages (now Argus Media), launched the first monthly report on the Rare Earth Market to be written by a Western firm. Core Consultants authored the report, and Metal Pages assisted with the publishing and marketing. At the time, only Chinese reports…

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Why Choose Core Consultants?

Independant-iconIndependent Consultancy

Core Consultants, as an independent, privately owned consultancy, with no equity stake in any mining or related enterprise, is able to deliver superior objective market research. As such, within a short space of time, Core Consultants is internationally recognised as a trustworthy, unbiased, authority on commodity markets.

MultiCommodity-IconMulti-Commodity Focus

Core Consultants has always been a multi-commodity focused company. Our analysis over the years has included bulk commodities, base commodities,ores, minor and critical elements. Our definitive, broad market view enables us to understand the relationships and interplay between various commodity markets and identify the specific drivers that will impact these markets, whilst our specific in-depth analysis enables us to better understand the individual commodity value chains

Analysis-IconRigorous Analysis

Core Consultants' expertise in understanding commodity markets, as well as our rigorous and systematic approach to research, has earned the company the respect of many industry professionals. Our approach integrates both desk-top research and primary interviews across the various sectors that we cover. In this way, we are able to stay abreast of the latest trends and market opinions and balance those views against our own investigations. 

Global Client BaseGlobal-Icon

Mining is a global business and clients seek out Core Consultants' services from all across the world. Our clients range from investment banks, legal firms, end-users such as technology and engineering companies, trading firms and producers. Servicing clients across the entire commodity supply chain places Core Consultants in the unique position of understanding the various incentives and requirements of each party and the potential impact on commodity markets.

Trusted by Top Professionals

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Meet Our Experts

Lara Smith

Lara has been an analyst for over ten years, starting her career as an equity analyst at Foord Asset Management and more recently as the lead analyst at Steinmetz Group,  MORE…

David Creamer

David’s strengths lie in understanding the different regulatory environments, the key stakeholders and the cross border flow of funds between different regulatory jurisdictions in Africa and MORE…


Georgis has over twelve years’ experience in the mining and engineering industry, having started his career MORE…

Sofi Napier

Sofi has 20 years of experience in the mining industry, specializing in diamonds and providing technical geological expertise from early stage exploration planning through to evaluation and feasibility. MORE…

Grace Ruddy

Based in Guernsey, Grace is a securities dealer for Foord International. Her role is to execute portfolio trades in the western securities markets for Foord’s Luxembourg-domiciled. MORE…

John Parker

John has over thirty years’ experience as a chemical and process engineer. His most recent roles include Managing Director, Head of Technology and Process Engineering and MORE…

Windsor Lewis

Winsor Lewis has worked in the mining industry throughout the world for almost forty years and has been an associate of Core Consultants since 2012. He began his career in the UK MORE…

Iain Bryson

Iain has over 30 years’ experience in the mining industry and has worked in numerous African countries, including Namibia, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, Botswana, Zimbabwe, MORE…