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Core Consultants is a frequent key note speaker at a number of high profile mining, commodity and related events. Access our presentations here.

The Energy Mix of the Future

Mining Indaba 2018. Core Consultants explores the role of fossil fuels and nuclear energy in a world that is going electric. Does this spell the demise of traditional fuel sources? Kindly log in or register for free above to download … Read More

Mining Cobalt in Namibia

Celsius Resources speak to delegates at the Inaugural Cobalt Investor Network evening, in London about building a cobalt mine in Namibia. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION: Cobalt Investor Evening London 21 November 2018

Are Cobalt Prices Sustainable?

Cobalt Market Outlook-Credit Suisse On 6th September 2017, Core Consultants presented  to Credit Suisse and their clients. The aim was to determine whether or not the current cobalt prices were sustainable. The presentation describes the cobalt supply chain and identifies … Read More

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