Rare-earth prices expected to remain strong

The Sino-US trade war has persisted for longer than most anticipated, and although the US omitted rare earths from increased duties, China raised the tariff on imported rare earth ores and concentrates from 10 to 25%. This has negatively impacted … Read More

Rare Earth Monthly Summary: March 2019

In the March 2019 issue of the Core Consultants Rare Earth Report, we discuss how the rare earth export restrictions from Myanmar might lend support to heavy rare earth prices.

Currently the light rare earth market is suffering a supply overhang, which is further impacted by poor demand for permanent magnets.

However there is some positive support for permanent magnets expected this year from the wind power and EV sectors, especially in China. … Read More

China Welcomes Foreign Investment

In the latest issue of our Rare-Earth Monthly, we discuss how environmental crackdowns will hit the rare-earth market further, that non-Chinese projects are making headway, and that China has lifted restrictions on the involvement of foreign investors in its key … Read More

Rare-Earth April Review

In this month’s issue of Core Consultants’ Rare-Earth Monthly publication: • China supporting downstream development • Trump’s tariff war • Tesla increasing demand for neodymium Last month we discussed that China was supporting its downstream industries, including a pigment project … Read More

Rare Earths in Review — Core Consultants — 2017

  2017 saw massive development in the rare earth elements market across four levels; namely, policy, prices, supply and end-user markets. With respect to policy, China’s Department of the Raw Materials Industry and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology … Read More

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