China Welcomes Foreign Investment

In the latest issue of our Rare-Earth Monthly, we discuss how environmental crackdowns will hit the rare-earth market further, that non-Chinese projects are making headway, and that China has lifted restrictions on the involvement of foreign investors in its key … Read More

Rare-Earth April Review

In this month’s issue of Core Consultants’ Rare-Earth Monthly publication: • China supporting downstream development • Trump’s tariff war • Tesla increasing demand for neodymium Last month we discussed that China was supporting its downstream industries, including a pigment project … Read More

China Consolidates South Rare Earth Group

Core Consultants released its August 2016 Monthly Rare Earth Report. The main topics discussed in this feature include: China consolidates South Rare Earth Group Development of cerium/aluminium alloy China reducing windpower waste China had a target to establish six rare … Read More

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