Rare Earths Right Now: Burundi, Oligarchs and Chinese Quotas

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On Monday, Core Consultants’ published its April Rare Earth Monthly Report. Rare earths has been somewhat muted the past few months and global investors have looked to cobalt and lithium … Read More

USA Military Spend Causes Anxiety Over Rare Earth Supply

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Core Consultants’ Rare Earth Report  this month focuses on President Trump’s announcement that he intends to increase the military spend by $54bn (+10%). In light of the fact that Molycorp- the US’s … Read More

Rare Earth Stockpiling Or Another False Start?

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Core Consultants published its May edition of the Monthly Rare Earth Report. The main topics in this feature include: MIIT new production standards Commercial stockpiling due to commence Investment from other … Read More

Summary of Lara Smith’s 2014 Mining Indaba Presentation: An Outlook for Dysprosium, Tantalum, Tungsten

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The Core Consultants Mining Indaba presentation always considers three commodities which are pertinent to Africa and discusses the market outlook for each of them. This year we will focus on … Read More

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