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Core Consultants regularly completes bespoke consulting projects to address  our clients' strategic inquiries. We develop custom research to address and respond to client-specific needs, and articulate our findings and recommendations to leading decision makers worldwide.

In the increasingly complex and rapidly evolving supply chains for metals and minerals, leading decision makers need informed and objective advice about markets, drivers, policies, emerging trends, technologies, and business strategies to capitalise on opportunities and minimise risks.

Benchmarking is an effective way to gauge a company’s competitiveness in a particular market. It assists a company in improving its performance by identifying and applying best demonstrated practices to its areas of operation. Benchmarking can be considered from the company’s operating costs, financial competitiveness or market dynamics in terms of regional or global market share analysis. Investors frequently use this tool to compare an array of possible investment options. Producers use benchmarking to understand their particular strengths and shortcomings. Understanding how your business compares with your direct competitors helps guide management decisions as well as company strategy.
Core Africa is focused on assessing and advising on risk to enable our clients to take advantage of the African opportunity. Our services include:
  • Cross Border Trade
  • Capitalizing and Funding
  • Forex Liquidity
  • Assisting with Choosing the Best Banking Partner
  • Assistance in Understanding the Regulatory and Operating Requirements
  • Assisting Our Clients to Reach 100% Compliance
  • Assisting Our Clients to Recover "Trapped Cash"
A due diligence is an independent audit of a potential mining investment and serves to confirm the material facts of the project. The main objective is to assist our clients in determining the assets’ true value as well as highlight any operational or economic risks to the project.
In today’s world, most processes are technically feasible, though not everything is economically feasible. Often a particular deposit or project may lend itself to producing a variety of products. A prospective iron ore producer may for instance have the choice to produce ore or concentrates or pellets or sinter feed. A prospective lithium producer may have the option of producing technical grade lithium concentrates, lithium oxide, technical grade lithium carbonate or battery grade lithium carbonate. Often the best choice is not always the most beneficiated product nor is it necessarily a single product. A market study therefore seeks to understand the current global economic climate and consider how our clients can best position themselves so as to take advantage of the economic trends. This study often requires costing various freight options, a basic engineering to establish the costs of various product options, looking at whether the client could secure an offtake agreement, availability of finance and an outlook for demand/supply balance for each prospective product/process option.
A market forecast study is a long term economic analysis of a particular market with the goal of providing a price forecast range of a particular commodity market over the medium and long term. Core Consultants studies supply and demand data including end-user markets, new and planned project data, trade data and price volatility graphs in order to make a prediction of a commodity’s long term prospects. Our clients use these types of reports for IPO listing documents, informing analysts and portfolio managers, inclusion in prefeasibility and feasibility studies and to inform their own internal business development teams.
Many prospective producers come to us with the need to either acquire a deposit or they may already own a deposit or mining concession and need a partner for financial reasons or to assist them in realising the project’s value. In this instance Core Consultants will conduct a review of the concession or producers and shortlist possible partners on behalf of our client.
Many producers have the in-house technical capabilities to run the mine, but do not necessarily have access to end-user market participants. Core Consultants will therefore shortlist potential off-takers or marketing agreements with third party traders on behalf of our clients.

We understand that in providing consultancy services we are essentially offering an intangible service and therefore honesty and integrity, transparency and reliability is of paramount importance to the Core Consultants team. We work hard to deliver client value and ensure that trust continues by adopting the following principles in all our projects:

1. We only accept assignments where we have knowledge and expertise.
2. We ensure we have the most recent data available and the necessary information to assist our clients in their decision making process.
3. Rigour and intuition are combined in a fluid and continuous process that brings structure to our valuations.
4. Most strategies are technically feasible, few are economically feasible. Therefore often it is the economics which drive the technology or processing method. We work in collaboration with engineers and geologists in order to find an optimal solution for our clients. We have proven that this multi-disciplined approach has ensured that our clients have made a considered decision which resulted in their increased profitability.
5. Strong communication with the client is vital. Our team first strives to fully understand the goals and objectives of the commission. In this way we come to understand our clients’ real objectives as well as any challenges that they may be facing and are thus able to structure our proposal and deliver our report accordingly. Core Consultants will never take on a project nor push a client into commissioning work which will not be to the client’s benefit.
6. We always maintain our independence, and are not afraid to go against consensus. Our opinions are therefore based on sound data rather than rumours or hearsay.
7. We always maintain our independence, and are not afraid to go against consensus. Our opinions are therefore based on sound data rather than rumours or hearsay.
8. Over 60% of our projects come from returning clients whilst over 80% of our clients come to hear of us via word of mouth and our high standing in the market. Reputation is of paramount importance to us and we regularly seek feedback with the objective of constantly striving to develop our expertise and hence deliver an even better service to our clients.

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