Core Consultants provides a number of focused commodity reports which are available on a subscription basis.
In general these reports detail the current outlook for supply, demand, trade and price.

Chrome, Ferrochrome
& Stainless
Monthly Review


Due to an overwhelming number of requests, the quarterly ferrochrome report, which has been running since 2010 is now being offered monthly.  The report continues to track the  latest trends in the chrome, ferrochrome and stainless steel industries and remains data-heavy. 

The analyst takes a macro, top-down view of the industry and formulates her opinion based on prevailing macroeconomic factors that impact the industry. These factors include: 

  •  Industrial production in China, Europe and the US 

  • Chinese incentives to hoard stainless steel and chrome ore stocks 

  •  Developments in the nickel ore and scrap markets 


Manganese Market

Monthly Review


The manganese market is in a state of flux, characterised by sluggish steel demand from China, coupled with relatively high steel stocks. Despite these overarching dynamics in the steel industry, manganese has benefited from its own trio of “super trends”. These trends include:

1. China has remained the dominant key end-user market and last year the country increased its imports by 34% y.o.y. This demand continues to be driven by urbanisation, industrialisation and infrastructure development, which despite lower GDP growth, is set to continue for the relatively long term.

2. Greenfield manganese projects, with the potential for large scale high-quality manganese ore, are emerging in South Africa. In order to ensure the success of these projects, upgrades to rail and port infrastructure is underway.

3. Owing to falling grades and rising power costs, emerging market players are rapidly usurping traditional producers.


Core Consultants'

Rare Earth Monthly Report


The Core Consultants' Rare Earth Monthly Report was first released in 2010 and became the first regular monthly rare earth publication by a non-Chinese firm. The report analyses global trends in Chinese and non-Chinese production, regulations and trade. It also tracks developments in end user demand and prices. Each issue provides short term (2-months), medium term (1-year) and long term (5-year) price forecasts. The subscriber base to this report is varied and ranges from end-users including global technology manufacturing and industrial, firms, traders, financial institutions and suppliers.


UG2 Chromite White Paper (October 2015)


Since the depletion of the Merensky reef, more and more South African platinum miners started mining from the UG2 reef. This seam is characterised by high levels of low grade chrome ore (UG2). Traditionally, platinum producers would stockpile this resource as waste material. However rising platinum mining costs and increased smelting capacity in China, enabled UG2 chrome to be sold as a by-product. The availability of UG2 chrome ore has upset the balance in the South African and global chrome ore market.