Can You Still Afford The Time To Read Long Industry Reports?

Just shy of a decade ago, Core Consultants opened its doors. And I can tell you, that even in this short time, the pace of business has definitely changed.

Core has always been uncompromising in its service offering of high quality, independent research to the mining, commodities and related industries. But today,  many of our clients do not have the time to read pages and pages of  industry reports. In this fast changing world of ideas and opportunities, more immediate and specific information is what is required.


Our clients began calling us,  wanting on demand information and to hear directly from the consultants themselves. They needed quick forecasts, without having to read a 100 page report. They needed short, accurate insights to inform their investment decisions. They needed a market view to include in their upcoming board and strategy meetings.


Naturally, we wanted a way to help our clients get the information they required as quickly as possible,  but how to do this without compromising on our values of offering high quality, independent research?  We knew we needed a different approach to sharing knowledge and information-and so Core Connect was born.


What is Core Connect


Core Connect is a leading platform for professional learning and Core’s newest customised consultancy offering. A service that brings big thinkers and leading professionals together.


As a member, you will have the opportunity to speak with an expert or simply email them at a time that is convenient to you. Instead of having to read pages and pages of reports without the guarantee of finding the information you are looking for. This service will not only save you hours, but also ensure that you receive exactly what you require.


Often, knowing the right questions to ask and having someone to direct these questions to, is the difference between making a good investment decisions and a great one. And the payoff to solid research cannot be underestimated.


What Kind of Clients Use this Service?


It turns out that not only investors, but professionals in every business has a need to learn directly from the experts themselves.  Mining Companies wanting to understand new markets,  Engineering Consultants needing forecasts to prepare for a strategy meeting, Hedge Funds wanting to run their commodity investment idea past a mining professional, Traders who need regular prices and market direction.


  1. Is there enough Forex liquidity to ensure my investment in Africa is safe? Ask Core’s African specialists.
  2. Will Tesla’s Gigafactory affect the cobalt market over long term or is this a temporary increase? Ask Core’s commodity market specialists.
  3. How will China’s latest five year plan affect global commodity investments? Speak to Core’s experts.


But is Core Connect Just Another Expert Network?


Yes and no. Expert Networks facilitate consultancy between big thinkers and “people in the know.” Typically, Expert Networks do not have in-house expertise, nor do they offer more in-depth consultancy services. Core Connect is a service, couched within Core’s product offerings thus ensuring control over the quality of the information we provide.


From a compliance perspective, using an Expert Network that relies on outside consultants who are working in industry, could open your firm up to allegations of insider-trading. Core Connect, uses Core s’ extensive team of in-house experts and associates to facilitate these consultancy calls. Our experts are do not work for any organisation and are all independent consultants. This ensures compliance and unbiased advice.


How to Become a Member?

Signing up for Membership is easy. Simply Contact Us  or fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you with a tailored package suited to your business requirements.

All New Members are Entitled to 35% Off Their First Package.

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