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Core Connect facilitates private conversations with industry experts in order to provide our clients with unbiased market insights, thereby allowing them to fully understand their investment opportunities.

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We Connect You Either via Teleconference or Email with Someone who is Able to Assist You Gain Insights so that You Can Make More Informed Business Decisions, Understand New Markets and Assess Opportunities.

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Use Cases

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Are You Looking for a Market Outlook or Forecast?

You need some high-level forecast numbers and to understand why the market outlook is such in order to quickly enable you to make a buy/sell or investment decision. 

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Are You Searching for Data and Just Not Having Any Luck?

You are needing some data for a upcoming presentation or to understand a market better. You have trolled through dozens of reports, but none of them have what you are looking for.

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Are You Undecided as to Whether to Invest or Not to Invest?

You are a hedge fund or private equity client looking for intelligence to help you decide whether to make an investment. 

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Do You Fully Understand Your Investment Risks?

For investors that may be going into uncharted territory. Let us help you  understand your risks. These risks may be country or commodity-specific, or process-related. 

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Are You Compliant and Up-to-Date with Required Processes in Africa?

You are excited about the "Africa Story" but may not be aware of the potential pitfalls and how to avoid them. What are the key issues to watch out for and avoid "trapped cash" by following poor processes. 

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Do You Have a Need for Internal Learning, Development or Thought Leadership?

Collaborate with industry experts to gain strategic insight into developing thought leadership pieces. 

Examples of Our Data and Insights

African Insights

We focus mainly on the Sub-Saharan African region. In terms of this, we can advise on the following:

  1. Political and regulation  trends
  2. Cross border flows
  3. Forex liquidity
  4. General outlook for the region
  5. Understanding trapped cash
  6. Highlighting potential risks
  7. Advising on what to look for when developing key partnerships. 


  1. Ferromanganese
  2. Silicomanganese
  3. Ferrochrome
  4. Ferronickel
  5. Ferrosilicon

>Latest News, Regulations and Analysis;

>Bidding and tender prices

>Chinese domestic prices

>Chinese import prices

>Chinese trade data

>US, Europe, Japan Trade

>Data (Where relevant)

>Indian domestic prices

>Indian export prices

>Risks to the sector

>Outlook for the sector

Global Mega Trends

We track general information that impacts commodity markets, including:

Latest News, Regulations and Analysis;


PMI figures

Currency Movements

GDP forecasts

Oil prices

Military spend

Smartphone development

Alternative energies

Environmental Trends

Urbanisation of populous nations

Battery outlook

Pertinent regulations including subsidy programmes and relevant incentive schemes. 


Minor Metals
  1. Antimony
  2. Cobalt
  3. Lithium
  4. Tantalum
  5. Tungsten
  6. Vanadium


Pertinent regulation

Battery outlook

Smartphone market

Electric vehicle market

Chinese exports of high-tech devices

Latest news and trends


Solar power

Military spend

Company news/ developments

Alternative energy solutions

  1. Bauxite
  2. Chrome Ore
  3. Iron Ore
  4. Nickel Ore
  5. Titanium/Zinc Ore

 Relevant global prices 

Chinese trade statistics

Vessels at Chinese ports

Latest news/trends

Chinese production statistics and operating rates

Iron Ore: Baltic Index

Spot and transaction prices

Risks to the sector

Outlook for the sector

Chinese domestic prices

Indian prices and trade data


Rare Earths
  1. Heavy Rare Earths
  2. Light Rare Earths
  3. Rare Earth Oxides
  4. Rare Earth Metals


Chinese domestic and FOB prices

Company News

Magnet eroduction

Magnet exports

Prices of rare earths including oxides and metals

Prices of N, H, M magnets in China

Wind power capacity

LED market commentary

EV market

Latest Chinese Regulations

Sentiment outside China

Military spend



Steel/Stainless Steel

Production by Country

Indian Capacity

Stainless Steel Stocks in China

Tender Prices

Steel News in Asia with respect to regulations and capacity

Global economic indicators

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