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Core Consultants Chromium Ferrochrome Monthly Report
Last Month in Chrome — Core Consultants

Core Consultants are proud supporters of the International Chromium Development Association. If you’re looking for expert views on trade wars, an open debate with Chinese ferrochromium industry experts, global chromium industry and its markets outlook, incredible networking opportunities and evening … Read More

Rare Earth

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Celsius cobalt sulphide
The Cobalt Credibility Contest

Andrew Deaville – 5th September 2018 Rising demand has brought scores of cobalt exploration projects to the fore, but some of the most heavily-promoted deposits lack quantities of real economic significance. To many investors, the credibility of such projects is … Read More

Celsius Opuwo Cobalt Project
Why Namibia is the Perfect European Cobalt Supplier

Andrew Deaville – 5th September 2018 Major European automakers such as BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen will soon be in need of direct supplies of cobalt if they are to loosen China’s grip on the supply chain. While Glencore (LSE:GLEN) and ERG … Read More

75% of lithium ion batteries to contain cobalt
Selective Investors Return to Cobalt Market

Andrew Deaville – 5th September 2018 Buyers returned to the cobalt market at $25-29/lb in August after a two-month slide from decade-highs. However, investors maintained support for only a limited number of cobalt mining stocks. At the end of August, Cobalt … Read More

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