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Vanadium pentoxide prices have risen 171% since January 2018 and the market has taken notice. New rebar standards in China designed to limit the use of inferior steels in construction are expected to drive demand for vanadium rebar further over the medium term. Moreover, the Sino-US trade war has created uncertainty around steel trade restrictions and depreciated the Renminbi, making it challenging for Chinese ferrovanadium manufacturers to procure raw materials. This scenario, coupled with the lack of investment in new projects over the last few years and the potential rise of redox batteries has created the perfect landscape for vanadium prices to soar.

Core Consultants’ Vanadium Datapack is updated bi-monthly, allowing you to make timely and informed decisions in the vanadium supply chain.

Each issue includes expert commentary and updated market data** including:

  1. General Market Information
  2. Inventory
    • Chinese Ferrrovanadium Stocks
    • Chinese Vanadium Pentoxide Stocks
  3. Supply
    • Main Projects
    • Chinese Output Statistics
  4. Demand
    • Steel Output
    • Vanadium Demand
    • Chinese Vanadium Pentoxide Consumption
    • Electrochemical Capacity
    • Aircraft Delivery
  5. Price
    • Chinese Prices
    • International Prices
    • Nearly 100 years of historic prices
  6. Five Year Supply/Demand and Price Forecast

**All data and commentary provided in MS Excel Macro Workbook

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