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The State of Vanadium- Bulletin

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Welcome to Core Consultants’ first Bulletin release – our April 2018 vanadium report. In order to meet the changing needs of today’s information consumer, we will be releasing a new desk-top study each month to offer clarity on issues that receive considerable tabloid and promotional attention.

Our independent and established nature enables us to provide authoritative outlooks on some of the world’s greatest economic necessities, something vanadium producers hope they can become.

Excerpts are available here.

This report was intended to be released on the 31st March 2018 but has since been modified to include maximum detail.

Chinese vanadium pentoxide increased from $9/lb at the start of December 2017 to $13/lb at the end of January, but the third week of March registered a whopping $15.5/lb for 98% min vanadium pentoxide.

  • What has caused the vanadium price to climb to such levels?
  • Is this rally justified?
  • What is the predicted future behaviour of this commodity?


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