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"The Best Vision, Is Insight"

Since 2009, Core has equipped top professionals and decision makers with commodity-related insights that have guided them towards making informed decisions.

Core Africa

Core Africa is a business and risk consultancy offering focused on the Africa opportunity. The division is focused on assisting companies in defining their strategy and structure across Africa.

Core Connect

Learn directly from industry experts. Gain unbiased and immediately-available market intelligence. This offering is suited hedge funds, investors, traders, producers, end users wanting to speak to a consultant to understand market direction, obtain market data and gain unique insights.

Core Insights

Core Insights provides a number of industry studies focused on current market conditions as well as the potential outlook for these commodity markets. These studies are available on subscription.

Core Consultancy

Core Intelligence is our bespoke consultancy service, providing independent and proprietary advice to a broad range of clients. Our services include feasibility and prefeasibility studies, market evaluation and entry studies.

Core Consultants provides a number of focused commodity reports available on a subscription basis. Our reports offer Core Consultants’ independent forecasts as well as explores current market conditions and the potential drivers of change.

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Artisinal cobalt miners DRC
No More Industry Reports

Can You Still Afford The Time To Read Long Industry Reports?

Just shy of a decade ago, Core Consultants opened its doors. And I can tell you, that even in this short time, the pace of business has definitely changed. Core has always been uncompromising in its service offering of high quality, independent research to the mining, commodities and related industries. But today,  many of our clients… View Article

Workers are seen at the Lauzoua manganese mine

Manganese Stocks In China Too High Cost

Transnet’s Monthly Manganese Transport | Image Source: Reuters How to manage excessive manganese stocks seems to be an ongoing theme these days. In our last issue we noted that stocks had risen almost 1m tonnes to 3.5m tonnes and this month, while inventory levels have declined, stocks are still pretty high at 3.19m tonnes. To… View Article

Pala Investments and Vladimir Iorich invest in rare earths

Rare Earths Right Now: Burundi, Oligarchs and Chinese Quotas

On Monday, Core Consultants’ published its April Rare Earth Monthly Report. Rare earths has been somewhat muted the past few months and global investors have looked to cobalt and lithium as better investments. However, we would advise not to take your eye off the ball just yet. There is some interesting behind the scene developments…. View Article

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