The Core Story

Over Ten Years of Unrivaled Commodity Market Intelligence

In January 2009, Lara Smith bought a desk and a laptop and wrote a 185-page in-depth outlook on the lithium market. Although the endeavour was largely a personal challenge, the publication achieved unexpected success.

The report was published to wide acclaim, and companies began to request further commodity market insights. In June of the same year, Lara quit her job and registered Core Consultants; ten years on, Core has completed more than 60 market studies on 5 continents and provided insight into over 30 commodity markets.

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Why Choose Core?

Independent Consultancy

Core Consultants, as an independent, privately owned consultancy, with no equity stake in any mining or related enterprise, is able to deliver superior objective market research. As such, within a short space of time, Core Consultants is internationally recognised as a trustworthy, unbiased authority on commodity markets.

Multi-Commodity Focus

Our analysis over the years has included bulk commodities, base and minor metals as well as soft commodities. Our definitive, broad market view enables us to understand interplay between various commodity markets and identify specific drivers that will impact these markets and their value chains.

Rigorous Analysis

Our rigorous and systematic approach to research, has earned Core the respect of many industry professionals. Our approach integrates both desk-top research and primary interviews across the various commodity markets.This allows us to keep abreast of the latest consensus and insider views and balance these views against our own investigations.

Global Client Base

Clients seek our services from across the globe. Our clients range from financial institutions, producers, end-users, traders and legal firms. Servicing clients across the entire supply chain places Core in the unique position of understanding the varied incentives and requirements of each party and the potential impact on commodity markets.

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