Consultancy Launches Fully Customised Subscription Reports Service

Lara Smith, MD of Core Consultants is focusing on supporting its new service offerings

Mining consultancy Core Consultants launched its fully customised subscription reports service at the Investing in African Mining Indaba, which was held in Cape Town earlier this month.

Core Consultants MD Lara Smith tells Mining Weekly that while the company has always had research reports available on a subscription basis, such as ‘Monthly Trends in the Rare Earth Industry’ and ‘Quarterly Trends in the Ferrochrome, Stainless Steel and Chrome Markets’, the fully customised subscription reports service can be tailored to a specific company’s needs.

“Our current subscription reports are what is referred to in the industry as ‘off-the-shelf’ reports as they provide general market trends rather than company-specific information,” she explains.

Smith adds that the reports are, therefore, useful to understand the overall business and operational environment, but that clients still have to assess what information and data are relevant to their specific firm.

The customised reports are usually bought by companies that have a specific one-off need for a market study. This need could arise from an impending initial public offering (IPO), capital raising or a decision on whether to expand existing operations or acquire an operation in a different sector.

Core Consultants’ fully customised subscription service provides companies with the option to receive a report that is fully tailored to a company’s needs and is regularly available, as opposed to being available on a one-off basis.

This service assists companies in preparing their quarterly budgets and in helping them to stay abreast of the current pricing environment and the latest forecast trends; it also enables them to benchmark themselves against their competitors, notes Smith.

“Core Consultants’ extensive database, which comprises purchased proprietary data and data which the company has developed over the last few years, has enabled it to offer its clients this service.”

Before starting to compile a customised subscription report for a client, Core Consultants liaises with the client regarding the information and/or data that would be important and relevant.

The consultancy understands that, in buying research, a client is effectively buying an intangible service whose quality and usefulness can be determined only after reading and reviewing the research.

Therefore, Smith says it is imperative that Core Consultants works with its clients to ensure that the research that they buy is suited to their business and will add value to their operations.

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