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Last Month in Chrome — Core Consultants

Core Consultants are proud supporters of the International Chromium Development Association. If you’re looking for expert views on trade wars, an open debate with Chinese ferrochromium industry experts, global chromium industry and its markets outlook, incredible networking opportunities and evening … Read More

Trump’s Tariffs Affect Chrome Markets

In our latest Ferrochrome Monthly, Core Consultants acknowledged a vast improvement in the European ferrochrome benchmark price. Prices soared from $1.18/lb in the first quarter to a whopping $1.42/lb in the second quarter 2018. This represents a rise of 20.3% … Read More

Help Chrome has Fallen off a Cliff

Presented to members of the SAIMM in June 2017. This video presentation highlights the volatility of the chrome market, paying close attention to the inventory levels and stocks at ports.