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Chrome, Ferrochrome & Stainless Monthly Review

The most recent data reveals some positive movement in the chrome ore market during the first few days of March, but we continue to caution about an overall downward trend for the month. Chrome-producing countries including Zimbabwe and South Africa may be experiencing some political and economic difficulties, but production setbacks appear to be limited to PGM and gold operations, with chrome and manganese output still on the up. Inventory will remain elevated, unless the situation in South Africa begins to take a substantial negative turn.

Rising nickel prices, combined with slight panic over 30m tonnes of Vale iron ore removed from the market in Brazil, has offered support to both the steel and stainless steel market, but we do not anticipate that this will have any sustained impact on the market.

The Core chrome ore monthly reports, has provided ten years of consistent trend analysis for the chrome, ferrochrome and stainless steel industries.

The analyst takes a macro, top down view of the industry and formulates their opinion based on the prevailing macroeconomic factors impacting the chrome supply chain. These factors include, but are not limited to the following::

  •  Industrial production in China, Europe and the US
  • Chinese incentives to hoard stainless steel and chrome ore stocks
  •  Developments in the nickel ore and scrap markets

The report is extremely data-rich and tracks these developments as well as other economic trends, then, based on discussions with producers and traders regarding their expected volume output and exports, formulates a price forecast and market analysis based on the relative supply and demand imbalances.


  1. Chrome Ore Analysis
    1. Market Overview of Chrome Ore
    2. Trade of Chrome Ore
    3. Chrome Ore Price
  2. Ferrochrome
    1. Market Overview of Ferrochrome
    2. Trade of Ferrochrome
    3. Ferrochrome Prices
  3. Stainless Steel
    1. Market Overview of Stainless Steel

**Whilst we make every effort to keep the chapters and data consistent, this data may vary from month to month based on availability and relevance. Each issue is accompanied by a detailed excel data pack.

List of Charts

  1. Chrome ore inventory at Chinese ports
  2. Chinese stocks at ports by origin
  3. Ferrochrome stocks at Chinese plants
  4. Average LC/MC ferrochrome stocks at Chinese plants
  5. China chrome ore consumption by province
  6. Trade of Chinese chrome ore imports
  7. South African exporters of chrome ore
  8. Monthly Chinese chrome ore imports
  9. Chrome ore imports to China by country
  10. China HC-FeCr production
  11. China production rate by region
  12. China HC-FeCr output
  13. Number of operational furnaces by region in China
  14. China monthly LC/MC-ferrochrome output
  15. China monthly LC/MC output by region
  16. Chinese ferrochrome imports from main suppliers
  17. Ukraine LC/FeCr imports by country
  18. Chinese stainless steel production
  19. Wuxi Market Inventory
  20. Foshan Market Inventory

List of Tables

  1. Outlook for supplier/ demand and price by quarter
  2. Chrome ore shipments due to arrive in China for the upcoming month
  3. Official reported South African ore price
  4. Price of Turkish ore
  5. Output of Kazakhstani ferrochrome
  6. Output of Russian ferrochrome
  7. Ukraine imports
  8. Chinese offer prices by stainless steel producer
  9. Chinese imported ferrochrome prices
  10. Average stainless steel surcharges

**Whilst we make every effort to keep the chapters and data consistent, this data may vary from month to month based on availability and relevance. Each issue is accompanied by a detailed excel data pack.

Lara Smith

Lara has been an analyst for over ten years, starting her career as an equity analyst at Foord Asset Management and more recently as the lead analyst at Steinmetz Group, where she was responsible for sourcing, analyzing and evaluating potential mining acquisitions in Africa and the Baltic regions. In addition to the Steinmetz principal resource portfolio of diamonds and ferrous metals, they also held a smaller portfolio of base and minor metals including nickel, cobalt, copper and lithium. From 2009-2011, she independently authored three in-depth studies that formed the inception of Core Consultants Read More


Release Period:Monthly
Last issue release date:28 February  2018
Next issue release date:28-31 March 2018


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