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In September’s Issue

China’s Ministry of Information and Technology (MIIT) has implemented a new resource tax said to take effect from next year. The tax aims to level the playing field amongst different provinces where taxes for producers are known to vary widely. There is a proposal to increase light rare earth smelting taxes from 7% to 12% while reducing the heavy rare earth beneficiation tax from 27% to 20%.

An update on the Sino-US trade war this month shows clearly that China wants to resolve the dispute as soon as possible. In previous issues we mentioned that there may be the risk that China could retaliate to the US’s most recent tariffs by using their rare earth endowment. However, China’s Ministry of Commerce revealed that, as a show of goodwill, they are considering cancelling all countermeasures. This comes ahead of a new round of trade talks to be carried out in mid-October.

Australia meanwhile has signed an agreement with the US to collaborate in extracting and processing rare earths, but as of yet no funds have been committed. Australia has four main projects underway, which together require around $A5.7bn to bring to fruition. Out of the four, only Lynas is operational, accounting for 15% of global supply, but is mainly producing light rare earths.

Texas Mineral Resources and USA Rare Earths are in the throes of signing a JV to collaborate on extracting rare earths from the Round Top deposit. The deposit, although greenfield, has commercial value due to its weighting towards heavy rare earths. The US, which recognizes the risk on placing undue reliance on China, sent out a request for information to US based rare earth miners, which was answered by USA Rare Earths. The companies are now awaiting feedback as to whether they will receive government funding and be able to expedite the development of Round Top.

  1. Global Market Summary
  2. Rare Earth Prices
    1. Pricing Highlights
    2. Rare Earth Price Outlook
  3. Rare Earth Production and Trade
    1. China Highlights
    2. Global Highlights
  4. Trends in Rare Earth Applications
  5. Data and News Wrap
    1. Economic Analysis
    2. Export Analysis
    3. Rare Earth End-User Data
  6. Key Industry Players
    1. Company Highlights
    2. Share Price and Index

Each report is accompanied by an excel workbook detailing FOB rare earth metal and oxide prices and Chinese Domestic rare earth oxide, metal and permanent magnet prices

List of Tables

Table 1: Estimate of basket price for rare earth oxides

Table 2: Rare earth price forecast

Table 3: Economic Indicators.

Table 4: Chinese NdFeB magnet prices

List of Charts

Chart 1: Export vs domestics prices

Chart 2: Outlook for heavy rare earths

Chart 3: Outlook for light rare earths

Chart 4: Chinese permanent magnet exports

Chart 5: Average Chinese NdFeB magnet prices (N-range)

Chart 6: Average Chinese NdFeB magnet prices

**Whilst we make every effort to keep the chapters and data consistent, this data may vary from month to month based on availability and relevance.

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